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Sep 6, 2016
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One of my “must have” utilities on OS X is Alfred. Sure, Spotlight is rad and everything, but the high level of customization that Alfred provides me is deeply ingrained into my muscle memory. This is just a list of a few of the Alfred Workflows that I love, and highly recommend.

  • Toggle Wifi - When my computer is in my home office, the wifi is abysmal. I like to flip it off to only use Ethernet there; this simple workflow lets me switch wifi on and off.
  • Speedtest - Like I said, my internet speed can be flaky. This performs a quick speedtest. Yes, I could run speedtest-cli in the terminal, but whatever.
  • Alfred Chrome - I use several Google Chrome profiles; and it never fails that the one I am trying to open the link in is the one with the wrong user. In theory this will pop a URL in the profile that I want. I’m having some issues with it now, but the idea is sound.
  • CoffeeCoffee - Keep your Mac from sleeping
  • Slackfred - Adds Slack functions to Alfred
  • Resize Image - Resize an image, selected in Finder, to a target width
  • Packal Updater - Update all your Alfred workflows (if they are hosted on Packal)
  • GitHub - Lots of helpful commands to find open issues, repos, etc, on the githubs

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