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Aug 28, 2015
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I’ve been blogging for, um, over a decade. My oldest post on mattstratton.com dates back to April 1, 2001. I have literally thousands of posts over there. While quite a few of them include useful technical items, that blog has always been intended as a personal journal. Heck, it began life on LiveJournal (holla).

As I’ve been accumulating a bunch of ideas for technical posts that I would like to write up, it seemed that the old blog was the wrong place for these things. Granted, I’ve got SEO for days over there (mattstratton.com is 17 years and 7 months old, which means the Google machine thinks I’m pretty freaking legit). But mixing in all that personal stuff, along with all the fancy-pants Wordpress nonsense, didn’t seem to make a lot of sense to me. So it was time to rise from the ashes with something new.

I considered adding some blog content to Arrested DevOps, but the podcast format of the site was making that challenging. And this seemed like a great chance to try out a simpler, more static-content style blog platform. So this is my experiment.

I’m hosting this bad boy on GitHub Pages, and it’s powered by Hugo. This means that I write all my posts in Markdown, and publish by using git commits (I have it hooked up to Wercker to do the automagic posting, and you can read how to do that here).

The design of the blog is intentionally simple right now; I’m using the cocoa theme and I’ll probably pretty it up a bit over time. But for now I want to focus on content.

Another thing I’m looking to do with my Hugo experiements is to see if it’s practical to migrate Arrested DevOps over to this framework. We shall see. I’ve got a pretty complex Wordpress setup over there, and I’m loathe to mess with it too much.

One final thought - my goal with this blog is to share anything cool and useful I come accross in my travels with Chef. If I learn a neat little trick, I’ll write a blog post about it. Chance are that Josh Timberman already wrote about it, but that doesn’t mean I won’t share it with you as well.

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